Gas Monitor Bump/Function Tests - Keeping Accurate Records

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Keeping Accurate Records

It’s essential that you keep records of all device testing and maintenance.

pemitShould a user experience a reportable event with one of your devices, the local safety regulator will need to see a history of all bumps and calibrations, most likely for the lifetime of the device. But even without an incident, testing and maintenance data can track other valuable information, and new technology makes record-keeping easier and more valuable than ever.

Digital tracking and remote monitoring are just some newer technologies that automatically track and allow you to manage your fleet’s bump tests and calibrations from wherever you are.

Some of the latest devices can even be paired with GPS devices or have sim cards installed so that you always know where your workers are.

If you detect that they’ve been exposed or if a man-down alarm indicates that a worker experienced a health emergency, you know exactly where to send help—and what kind of help to send.