Gas Monitor Bump/Function Tests - How long does a Bump Test take?

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How long does a Bump Test take?

On some units, manually, a bump/challenge test will take between 3-5 minutes for the sensors to respond fully and activate the alarms. Typically with this style of bump test, it requires a written record of testing to support.

Some manufacturers (MSA 4X/5X) as little 10-15 seconds. But these units have datalogging which means the unit records the test which can be downloaded later or uploaded via a calibration dock automatically.

Some units, even with a calibration dock can take 2-3 minutes (BW) and still require a written record to be maintained.

What do I need to bump test my portable gas detector?

Manual Calibration

  • Gas Cylinder(s) with mix to suit detector
  • Fixed Flow Regulator (DFR for pump module)
  • Calibration Cup to suit detector
  • Tubing

Automated via a Calibration Dock

  • Calibration Dock to suit gas detector
  • Gas Cylinder with mix to suit detector
  • DFR Regulator
  • Tubing
What else should I consider when challenge testing my portable gas detector?

Complete an external check of your detector by checking the:

  • sensor filters - are not blocked with dirt, mud, chemicals or any other foreigh substance that will impede the sensors from responding to gases in the atmosphere
  • external housing - missing screws and cracks in the houseing or LCD screen
  • missing parts - clothes clip, compliance/certification sticker

These might not seem like much but they can influence the integrity of your unit.  

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